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It all started during christmas in 2008
At christmas 2008 I discovered a bump on my cat, Lucky, so we went to the vet 2 january and then on 6 january she had her first operation, removing the bump and all of her tits on one side. Then I had to force her to eat and take her medication(which made her sick, poor thing). At 18 january she removed the stitches but had to wear stuff so she couldn't reach the scar for quite a while longer. And then 24 march she had to have a second operation, removing the rest of her tits. After this operation she had to take even more medication and for a longer period, poor thing. And even though she removed the stichtes on 7 april she had to wear stuff so she couldn't reach the scar for almost a month after that. Oh my, how Lucky has hated me for forcing her to eat, take medication and wear heaps of stuff so she couldn't reach the scar. Lucky has pretty much been lying in one place from her first operation until mid-april. It has not been a fun time for either her or me, but I'm not going to complain - I'm not the one with two scars on the whole of my body on one side. Poor poor thing, but now she's happy and playing like a kitten again :) (now we're just hoping the cancer hasn't spread to her lungs!!)

New bump in october 2009
28 october 2009 I disovered a new bump on Lucky, my cat, so friday 30 october 2009 we went to the vet. They took different test and luckily the cancer has not spread, so the week after, she had her third operation that year removing the bump. The operation went fine, she was as usual weird when I picked her up and we didn't sleep to much that night, but the day after she was back to her normal self. Well as normal as she can be when she have to wear stuff so she can't get to the stiches.

A year later
Thursday 25 november 2010 I took my cat to the vet and got the message that the cancer was back and xrays showed that it had spread to the lungs. So this time there was nothing they could do but give us some medicine to make her last days easier. Yes, days! Unfortunately it might go very quickly :(
I'm so so sad! She is an amazing cat, a bit more than a cat cause she listen when you say no, she comes when you call and she sometimes acts more human than cat. A bit confusing!

It's funny how we have been living together, and not me living with my cat. She's been the boss of the home, and the couch ;)
With one exception, and thats when my back locked up and I was pretty much unable to move around, she turned into something like a blind persons dog, she was amazing! She didn't jump up in the couch before after I had used several minutes managing to sit down. And when I was getting up, she'd jump out of the way really quickly and she was never in the way when I was walking around in my apartment. She didn't even want to play during two weeks, and she didn't come lie down on top of me at night and the morning. But as I slowly got better she started getting back to herself slowly as well, being in the way, jumping up in the couch right where I was about to sit, run in the way when I walk around in the apartment ;)

08 DECEMBER 2010
Wednesday, 8 december 2010, I took Lucky to the vet since she was really working on every breath, even breathing with her mouth open when she was relaxing at home. So at 2:30pm, Lucky got her last sleep. 

Day twelve

Day eleven

I've given Lucky a break today, she's been sleeping and eating, and of course demanding some cuddling :)


Day ten

Lucky is a bit sick of me and my camera, so gave her a break.

Just had to take one little photo ;)

Day nine

sleepytime :)

Day six

It's been all about work and then some more work!

I had about 15 mins, when I got up, for brekky. Then moved to the room next door, where I have placed my workarea for the time being.

Since then I have had one hour break where I got some dinner, and then got back in here. Lucky joined me a bit before the break, and then again after. So it is after 11pm and we are still working - one hell of a workday - 9 to 5, I don't think so!!

Day five

Lucky had to be home alone today, as I had to take some photos of some dogs in the studio.

I rushed down and rushed back.

She was happy when I got back and has been her normal self, walking around, hanging out, running up the stairs...

If I wasn't able to feel the huge cancerlump under her "arm" I would have doubted the vets!

I have moved what I could from my business to my home, so that I can be home as much as possible. She's a funny one, doesn't like to be alone. Well at least not completely alone, she can go lie down in the opposite corner of a room and ignoring me, but as soon as I show signs I might be leaving, she comes either running or looking at me like "do you really dare to walk out of this room and leave me alone...I am SO going to ignore you when you get back."